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Re: Java: Slow, ugly and irrelevant

Hi Lokesh,

> I personally don't do Windows because:
> 2. I don't approve what MS does.  Surely, they have some products for
>    which people have yet to find alternatives, but I believe they have
>    done more harm than good for the computing industry.  Most people
>    don't seem to realize the embrace-and-extend philosophy that MSFT
>    has.  Sir Richard Stallman summarizes it well in this article:
>    http://weblog.mercurycenter.com/ejournal/stories/storyReader$664
I agree completely with you over this. MS is an evil company that does evil
things, and till recently had some real bad products. The ms embrace and
extend philosophy is probably something that shud be banned. But there are
still a lot of ppl who use windows just because it makes them more
productive, and the same goes for linux. Just that with windows the number
is much larger!

> 3. Linux _is_ the future, and I wanna be a part of it.
Intresting thing.. In fact the reason i started using linux was that it was
quite cool, and i cud hav a stable working thing that i cud run on my old
386 comp. (This was sometime around 1996) In those days I never used linux
once because it was going to be the future. The future is something that no1
can predict, and who knows, perhaps in a few years we might hav something
new. Personally i hav never used a technology just because it happens to be
the fad of the month. I remember ppl doing the same thing with os/2 at one

> Also, I understand that you work in ACL, where as a matter of a
> corporate decision you _have_ to work in win2k/java.  I can thus,
> understand why you have strong liking and justification for both of
> these, and defend them whenever you get a chance.  I too, would
> probably have acted in a similar way.
This is an intresting thing. Here we do hav a corporate decition to work
under java for developing web apps, but that is a decetion that all of us
made after studying all the other competing technologies. We are primararily
into developing web and wireless applications, for which we have found java
to be the best platform. This is not something that was thrust on us. Using
win2k is more of a personal choice. We had ppl using linux as their
desktops. And i can say this that linux on the desktop is still not the best
option, neither is win2k. So now we have a compromise situation, we use
win2k as the primary os, and run the linux desktop thu an x terminal. This
is the best of both worlds we use both linux and win2k. Another reason for
using win2k is that we have development tools under win2k with which most of
the development team is familiar and with which we can develop our products
faster. Also if u don't happen to know this, i have done projects over here
using the following technologies: CGI/Perl, Php3, Java, Borland C++ Builder
and Visual Basic, and this shud show that i definately don't hav any bias
towards a particullar platform! We just happen to use what we feel is right
for a project and then use it. If the requirement is for a client app then
windows is still a good choice, for server apps i personally prefer linux!
Our primary deployment platform for web/wap apps is java servlet 2.2
containers like tomcat or resin. For our own sites we use Linux, and for our
clients we use any environment that they prefer, though mostly it is going
to be linux or Solaris, though we hav clients deploying our apps under
Tomcat and iis5/win2k too! I still can't understand from where did u get to
hav an idea of the kind of work that our development team does and what kind
of things are forced on us!

    /\ |\/| |3 /\ r