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Re: Java: Slow, ugly and irrelevant


Intresting stuff! Though i must say that right now java is the best u can do
to develop portable and
very easily maintainable apps. E.g. Take borland's jbuilder. the basic
program is same across windows, linux and solaris. Only a very few platform
specific things are different on these different platforms. This is the best
example of an app written in java that i hav right now. Also for something
like web applications, this portablity (esp. with the newer jdk 1.2.2 and
1.3 environments) makes even more sense. Here at my office, we develop java
applications under windows, test it under windows and then deploy them on
linux. This gives us extremely scalable applications which run quite fast
and which are fast to develop and deploy. Nothing beats the war file for
deployment. It has saved me lots of time when i hav had to send an updated
site to the net, just package everything as a war, deploy and test it on a
local machine, and then repackage it with target environment properties and
deploy! Doing the same thing with php3/cgi or asp requires me to waste a lot
of time with ftp or with something like vnc or telnet! With java servlets
this is not an issue.

    For server based apps, i feel that speed is not really an issue with
java. With modern web app servers you can scale any java based app to handle
almost all kinds of web loads. The only issue is cost. And also with modern
java runtime environments this is getting to be a lesser issue with each
passing day.

    Tell me abt any other technology which u can deploy for quite low cost
for a small site, which can scale to handle any kind of loads. The only
competetive solution to java based web development happens to come from
microsoft. Java for client might be slow, not completely portable, it is a
resource hog, but on the server java is probably one of the best platforms
that you have right now.

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PS: I find it real funny that ppl say that an environment is bad, but don't
give an alternative that is actually better. We all know that windows is
bad, linux is good, but can u really replace all the windows desktops with
linux desktops for average users, the kind who use ms office and ms outlook?