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Re: Java: Slow, ugly and irrelevant

>>>>> "Ambar" == Ambar Roy <ambarroy@xxxxxxxxx> writes:


    Ambar> PS: I find it real funny that ppl say that an environment
    Ambar> is bad, but don't give an alternative that is actually
    Ambar> better. We all know that windows is bad, linux is good, but
    Ambar> can u really replace all the windows desktops with linux
    Ambar> desktops for average users, the kind who use ms office and
    Ambar> ms outlook?

Hmm.  This is known as Fallacy of Amphiboly.  Words like "bad",
"better" don't mean anything by themselves, and you are mixing them
out of context.  If you need to use an application that's only
available on MS-Windows, then go ahead - there's nothing one can do.
But, by the same argument, if you need to use Galeon (my favorite web
browser), you'll need to go to Linux, sorry.

What is good and what is bad is only a matter of perspective.  Some
people seem to appreciate what companies like Microsoft has been doing
for years, some grin about it.  It's only that the latter have been
increasing in number since some time ;-).  The first thing Linux
offers is Freedom -- freedom to improve, freedom to use your own
Windowmanager, freedom to switch to MS_Windows if you don't like

I personally don't do Windows because:

1. I'm not the click-click-gui kind of person.  I prefer Emacs/gcc
   over VC++ IDE.  It's my personal choice, and I don't laugh at
   people who like to use an IDE.

2. I don't approve what MS does.  Surely, they have some products for
   which people have yet to find alternatives, but I believe they have
   done more harm than good for the computing industry.  Most people
   don't seem to realize the embrace-and-extend philosophy that MSFT
   has.  Sir Richard Stallman summarizes it well in this article:

3. Linux _is_ the future, and I wanna be a part of it.

Also, I understand that you work in ACL, where as a matter of a
corporate decision you _have_ to work in win2k/java.  I can thus,
understand why you have strong liking and justification for both of
these, and defend them whenever you get a chance.  I too, would
probably have acted in a similar way.


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