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hi qmail virtual user auth prob

          i m using qmail for mails.i have installed
vpopmail qmailadmin,vqsignup and  sqwebmail

vpopmail for managing virtual domains and users on a server
and qmailadmin is a web base frontend for managing users of a virtual domain
vqsignup is a new user signup web base interface for a virtual domain ,
creating virtual users
and sqwebmail is web based interface for checking mails for virtual users like
hotmail or any other mail server

users can check their mails from web base interfece ( sqwebmail) but the
problem is that i want that they should be able 2 use netscape ot out look exp
to send and recive mails 
   i m facing the problem of authentication.because normally the authetication
is made from /etc/passwd file but that is for system level user 
  for virtual users i have installed a courier-imap server but it is not able
to auth virtual users
   it gives some error in logs like 

    ldap_simple_bind_s failed:cant contact LDAP server
altough ldap is running on my server!!!!!!!!!

pls help!!!!!


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