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RE: how about shutting up?

so you proved that a simple mail with an attached disclaimer 
looks to you like ...

Pankaj Kaushal is a F**ing leftist corporate
A**hole Mthaf**ker.

well then i would surely like to send you many such mails.

						harshal vaidya.

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Subject: Re: how about shutting up?

On Tue, Mar 06, 2001 at 11:32:42AM +0530, Harshal Vaidya (CTS) wrote:
>yo pal ,
>   i guess you got some problem with my mail having disclaimer attached to
Yes I have a problem why do u have a problem removing it.
It is strictly against what I belive in .
I have asked to humbly a number of times its you who has a additude
problem not me.

What if i had this as my signature
Vaidya (CTS) is a F**ing leftist corporate
A**hole Mthaf**ker.

Would you ignore it .
your signature is an abuse for everything i belive in.

>    well if you dont like it ignore it but why are you complaining about it
>   a lamer . and for the flame war's goin on on the list its not the
>   which is causing it but some bufoons like you who got no work and got
>   problems which they display it on the list.

>   and by the way thanks for that samba help.
don't thank cuz now on u won't get any.
>						harshal vaidya.

Y do'nt you get urself  a free pop account for the lug list

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