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Re: updating the kernel?

Hi Sahil,

>>>>> ""Sahil" == "Sahil Gupta <- NET4U" <sales@xxxxxxxxxxx>> writes:

     Sahil> My system currently has 2.2.18 and I wish to upgrade to
     Sahil> the most recent one without reinstalling the whole system
     Sahil> and with least downtime.  I don't have physical access to
     Sahil> my system.

This can be tricky.  After you download and install the new kernel,
you will have to make that kernel the default, because you don't have
access to the system while it is booting.  And, if the new kernel
does'nt boot for some reason, you will need someone to select the old
kernel again while it's booting.  In short, if uptime is paramount to
you, don't try it.

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