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Re: Connecting

> I would also be grateful if you could recommend me a good LAN card which
> supported by most of the OSes (linux, Solaris 8 and Windows)
i don't know abt solaris, but if u wanna go cheap, then buy the realtek
chipset based lan cards (like the dlink and dax ones available in delhi!)
they are good and cheap, but not the best u can do. If money is not an issue
and performence is, then i suggest that u get yrself a intel 100mbps lan
card. The intel lan cards are really good, and they are supported on most
oses! Also beware of lan cards based on the wd840 chipset (eg. the compex
lan cards) They are supported under linux, but the last time i tried to use
them, the driver had some serious speed problems. Also since u r going to be
linking just 2 comps, i wud suggest that insted of a hub, get a cross cable
to connect them. That way u will save a lot of money, and u will also get
100mbps full duplex connection, for which u wud otherwise need an expensive

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