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Re: Mysql

Ok, we'll see about the fight in the meet.
for now..help me ! ;o)

I wanna setup a very simple database of user infomation name,address, email
etc in mysql.

Now The passwords for this db i wanna store in mysql(lemme know of a better

Now once the user has created an account. suppose he wants to change some

Now since Mysql does not permit.row based user rights.(minimum is table

what i do is.....I create a temp table in the db with his session id. give
him insert/delete/select etc rights on this table.
and he can right to this table and then later on the content s will be
transfered to....the main table.

Is there a better way of accomplishing this ?

What i wanna avoid is. To create the temp table i have to print the username
and password of one user in my cgi application.

What i want is that a user in mysql should be such that..
1. He can Insert into the userinformation table.
2. He can modify the contents of  all coloumns in userinfomation table where

I am sure all web programmers here must have done such a thing. Since i am a
bit weak in databases. please help me.

cya !