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Re: inn/nntp

> > i am in a fix. vsnl provides news services but doesnot allow talking. so i
> > cannot just use rtin. i need to configure my innd properly. which is where
> > i end up in the pit. who the hell do i get innd to update its active
> > file so that i may atleast select which groups i want to join???
> Does not allow talking?  I dont understand.  Do you mean their is no client
> support, only for peer servers?
support only for peer servers is what i found it out to be.
any chuck that... there is a world out there and i have managed to find
one cute little server that will give me nntp for free... no "no talking
allowd" problems... but i still wanna have news on a spool like my mail... 
so that i can log online and just dnd all the messages from subscribed
newsgrps and disconnect...

> Can you read news off news.vsnl... using Netscape?
no. the bastards have 26000 newsgrps but dont allow access... bhagwan
banata hai to kaise insaan banata hai...

> > how do i
> > get it to download the messages from those groups... help me. and help me
> > NOW!
> More info, please.
well... i have gottn my active file ready, my newsgroup file ready,
inn.conf and when i try tin, it even says that the newsgrps are subscribed
to. but it says no new messages. and i cant seem to get nntpget to work
properly... it just stalls for sometime and then leaves the console free..
inncheck gives no errors.. god knos whats rong?? what program is
responsible for getting messages off a server and sending it to

help!glug!help!glug glug!!

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