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Installation on I2o Raid Card

I need a help in finding out the solution for
a specific requirement in the process of 

I have a machine with Intel I2o Raid Card.
As per Intel, loading linux ( Redhat 6.2 &
7.0 ) on HDDs connected thru Raid card
directly is not possible.

They suggest to load it on IDE HDD and then
updating the kernel to 2.2.16 and new lilo
to support I2o device. Then copy the contents
of IDE HDD to HDD on Raid and restart.

I have done the same. Now my machine is booting
from Raid and entering into Redhat Linux 6.2.
I have removed the IDE HDD.

In future, if at all, I need to reinstall, again
I need to have a IDE HDD. Hence I am looking for
some alternate.

Is there any way to copy the running kernel or
some image files to a Floppy. And by this
floppy next time, I can boot and install directly
on the Raid.

or is there any way I can copy such image files
into the Installation CD ( by replacing the
relevent original files ) and can use that CD
for future Installation.

Thanks in advance,

Yours sincerely,

R Kannan.


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