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Re: mounting Audio CD's

Hello Mayank,

>>>>> "Mayank" == Mayank Sharma <mayanksharma@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Mayank> Hi ppl, Rakesh thanx. What i wanted to ask was, when i use
    Mayank> "mount /mnt/cdrom" i get "wrong fs type, bad option, bad
    Mayank> superblock on /dev/cdrom, or too many mounted file
    Mayank> systems".

    Mayank> Why is it so.

An audio CD is a special kind of CD, and thus is given special
treatment by the kernel.  You cannot mount an audio CD, but really,
it's just that it is this way.  There is no reasoning for this
behavior.  Like in winduhs you can see the track numbers of audio CD
through explorer (I guess so, have'nt used winduhs since long :), the
linux kernel could have allowed mounting audio CD's and showed the
track numbers as files.  But it's immaterial anyway.

    Mayank> To elaborate. U insert an audio cd in cli. U can use
    Mayank> 'cdparanoia -B "-1" ' and start ripping cd's. Okay.  Now i
    Mayank> want to know how does Linux come to know there is a CD in
    Mayank> the drive when U haven't mounted it.

cdparanoia is probably using /dev/cdrom as your default CDROM device
(which should be a symbolic link to your actual cdrom device).
CD ripping requires special ioctl's to be sent to the cdrom driver,
and then the raw tracks are read directly from the cdrom device.

Mounting only makes sense when you want to use normal fileoperations
to the CD (like doing ls, cp, dd etc.).


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