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RE: [Q?]

On Wed, 14 Feb 2001, Harshal Vaidya (CTS) wrote:

mr harshal i think u didnt get what i wrote
and i am damn sure u if u do it with fdisk u will get succeed only the
thing is if u are installing out of 1024 cylinder u will have to 
go for loadlin and vmlinuz i know that its a kind request that if u dont
understand what people say then dont try to blame the people first see ur
fauklt then see anyone's
no regards
thanks and who the hell are u to say i am misleading 
first better understand then talk bulshits 
> please dont mislead anyone if you know nothing
of the problem. > the solution which you gave is completely bullshit.
> do not reply unless you know anything about the problem.
> weather you make partitions using the GUI or the text mode
> you will face the same problems if you arent doing it right.
> now here is one of the reason why such a problem occurs :
>    the /boot partition has to be created within the first 1024
>    cylinders of the disk and if you dont do this you will get the 
>    "not enough space to create partition error"
> i had faced this kind of a problem and i solved it right only when i knew 
> the logic behind creating the /boot partition.
> ( correct me if i am wrong at any point )
> this is not a flame it is just a reminder against misleading.
> 							reagrds,
> 								harshal
> Vaidya.
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> Hi!
>   I had faces same problem with redhat6.2 try installing in text mode it
> solved my problem.
> Bye 
> Vivek
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