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Re: [Query]

Hi :-)
 I think Java has made its place in computing world I don't think it will be
out of market as it has turned out to be a bigger marvel than what sun
microsystems had shown. It has got many capabilites which are really useful in
developing internet based application and its portability is its key to
survival so in my opinion Java is here to stay although Javascript will be out
of market but Java is here to stay.
  As far as new technologies are concerned a much hyped technology from
microsoft is C# and .net regime of microsoft. As far as other upcoming
technologies are concerned one new concept from sun microsystems is jinni.
 I will stop here b'coz this all i could remember at this point of time.
  Well if anyone in our dissagrees with me please write to mailing list and
let us disscuss it out or anyone knows any other new technology which i had
forgotten to point out and please correct me if i am wrong somewhere.

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