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RE: [Q?]

please dont mislead anyone if you know nothing of the problem.
the solution which you gave is completely bullshit.
do not reply unless you know anything about the problem.
weather you make partitions using the GUI or the text mode
you will face the same problems if you arent doing it right.

now here is one of the reason why such a problem occurs :
   the /boot partition has to be created within the first 1024
   cylinders of the disk and if you dont do this you will get the 
   "not enough space to create partition error"

i had faced this kind of a problem and i solved it right only when i knew 
the logic behind creating the /boot partition.

( correct me if i am wrong at any point )

this is not a flame it is just a reminder against misleading.


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  I had faces same problem with redhat6.2 try installing in text mode it
solved my problem.

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