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Re: a question

At 12:21 AM 2/12/2001, Jay Raj wrote:

i want to find out if i can install as many operating systems as i can on a single computer....like, can i install windows millenium edition, red hat 7, suse linux, caldera linux and BeOS on a single system simultaneously....will i encounter some problem during this process...will the red hat lilo be able to identify all other operating systems which are all on different partitions?

Although you should not have any problems, I suggest an alternative (easier) way: Install a separate boot manager product. If you want a free one, go for Ranish Partition Manager's Boot Manager, or commercial - System Commander.

You should not encounter any problems....just remember this thing - make sure that at least the boot code (e.g. /boot in Linux) of each OS resides below the 1024 cylinder boundary. Otherwise the OS will not be able to boot off the hard disk.


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