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Re: a question

Jay Raj <p_jayraj@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> hi
> i want to find out if i can install as many operating systems as i can on
> single computer....like, can i install windows millenium edition, red hat
> suse linux, caldera linux and BeOS on a single system
> i encounter some problem during this process...will the red hat lilo be
> to identify all other operating systems which are all on different
> partitions?

Yes you can!!!

I currently have the following all installed and co-existing on my box:

Debian GNU/Linux 2.2
RedHat 6.2
Corel Linux 1.0   (on Win partiton)
Windoze 98
QNX Real Time Platform 5   (on Win partiton)

Debian and RH even share the same /home partition!!

There is no reason who more OSes can't be added. Well I do this as a hobby
and should warn you that its not as easy as it sounds.

LILO can directly boot Debian, RH or Windoze. QNX and Corel Linux can be
booted from Windoze boot menu.


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