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Difference btn Custom and server installation

Both the server and custom installation have their own uses.

if u go for server installation :
it would install the majority of the components required to set different
servers. But most important of all it would also erase your current
partitions(both dos and non dos).

if u go for custom installation :
you would be given the options to choose the packages acc to your
requirements. At the same time the existing partitions would not be affected.

In the case of kde or gnome workstations no non linux partitions are
erased till the time suffecient disk space is available.

best wishes 

P Subashini <psuba@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hai everybody,
            I have the doubt in installation modes of linux.I want to
load linux in Intel 440gx(basically server mbd).Whether ,should i have
to choose server installtion or custom installation?

I have already quried about the prob in this mbd under configuring sound
If anybody knows,help me to  get out of this.

Thanks in advance,

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