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Re: Difference btn Custom and server installation .

  Suggest, you install windows in a primary partion and do not create any
extended partition.  Later, install linux in 'custom' mode.  If you try
'server' installation, the whole hard disk is formatted and appropriated
for linux.

Use Server mode only if you want to load linux only -- and nothing else.
Problem arises if you want to install any other OS later -- it even becomes
difficult to delete one particular entry in the partition table [ atleast
that was my experience in one particular case with a RedHat installation  -
low level format resorted to].

I dont have any experience with the intel 440gx board, but there should be
no problem.  In anycase you you'll only need to re-install if things do not
work out.


At 11:18 AM 2/12/01 +0530, you wrote:
>Hai everybody,
>            I have the doubt in installation modes of linux.I want to
>load linux in Intel 440gx(basically server mbd).Whether ,should i have
>to choose server installtion or custom installation?
>I have already quried about the prob in this mbd under configuring sound
>If anybody knows,help me to  get out of this.
>Thanks in advance,
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