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Re: Difference btn Custom and server installation .

On Mon, 12 Feb 2001, P Subashini wrote:

>             I have the doubt in installation modes of linux.I want to
> load linux in Intel 440gx(basically server mbd).Whether ,should i have
> to choose server installtion or custom installation? 

Servers are software, not hardware.  period.

We have File Servers, which server files, Web Servers, which serve web
pages, mail server, which service mail transactions, but no Compaq

Compaq Servers, for example, are machines designed to implement servers
on.  They are not, of themselves, "servers".

For example, a Compaq Server will have a motherboard that supports SMP
(because your Web Server may require that).  What you actually do with it,
however, is your own business.  I have used Sun Servers to help raise
monitors to eye level.

Now back to your question:  Should you choose "Server" or "Custom"
Install?  In general, a distribution's "Server Install" will add:
and so on, as a bundle.  If you know exactly what "services" you need, I
would suggest that you opt for "Custom", and select precisely what you
need.  If you intend to use it a learning tool, and need to return CDs,
choose "Server", let RH add everything (nearly), and start off.

Just re-read the above, and I dont think I phrased this well.  But
Singapore is effectively cut off from the Net (line down off Taiwan
coast), so I will leave corrections above to the reader ;-)

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