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Re: Accessing Apache Server

If I configure the machine as DNS server and put
the nameserver in the client, I am able to run
httpd by entering the name of the host as well
as the IP.

But without using DNS service, I am unable
to browse the Linux HTTPD server by typing
the name of the server from the client.
Ofcourse, I am able to browse if I put the
http://IP of the httpd server.

But in Win NT + IIS, from another windows client 
without having entry in host & dns client, I am able
to browse, simply by typing the name.

ofcourse in both the cases, I am in the same

ie it looks like IIS Server broadcosts his IP
and host name so that the clients with out
resolving the name by means of DNS, it is
possible to browse the server.

Even from the client if I ping using the
name of the server, it is not able to resolv.
But in Internet explorer, it is enough to
type the name of the host to browse.

What I would like to know is this the
limitation or any another way to browse
the httpd server by typing the hostname
without using DNS Service.

Yours sincerely,

R Kannan.


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On Thu, 8 Feb 2001, R Kannan wrote:

> Once the apache configuration is done. I am not
> able to access the server by typing the name
> in the address..
>  ie http:\\nameoftheserver
> If i type the IP address, it works
>  ie http:\\
> Ofcourse, I am able to do this by making the
> server as DNS server or entering in the
> clients host file.
> But if we configure IIS in Win NT server, without
> having entry in host file of the client, we can
> access the server from client.
> Is that we can do something to overcome this...
> Thanks in advance..
> Yours sincerely,
> R Kannan.
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