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RE: Accessing Apache Server

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I think you need to set your nameserver. your nameserver (DNS) is what
contains all the mappings of hosts and ips. In windows, Win NT server
can also be configured as a DNS server, or else it has a default gateway
that acts as a DNS server. that is how IIS can work with host names.

R Kannan wrote:

> Once the apache configuration is done. I am not
> able to access the server by typing the name
> in the address..
>  ie http:\\nameoftheserver
> If i type the IP address, it works
>  ie http:\\
> Ofcourse, I am able to do this by making the
> server as DNS server or entering in the
> clients host file.
> But if we configure IIS in Win NT server, without
> having entry in host file of the client, we can
> access the server from client.
> Is that we can do something to overcome this...
> Thanks in advance..
> Yours sincerely,
> R Kannan.
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