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RE: Colocation

> And being lazy, I saw no reason to put time into something unless
> _absolutely_ needed.

Where have I heard that before? Oh yea I remember, from a highly paid dot com 
employee who just got laid off last week. (Sorry thats not even funny. I wish 
u the best in life)

> Ah yes.  How does 1.5Mbit at work and 1.5Mbit at hoem strike you?  YES!!!
> Debian installs over the Net.

Ahem, I run the local ftp server of the LUG (my school's) on my machine and we 
always do net installs (to make Linux accessible to as many souls as we can).
Net connection: T3. Main backbone: ATM direct to seven Sprint servers. Sorry !

> next time I am
> at Delhi Haat, hear me gloat.

Well the next time you are at Delhi Haat, u should gloat ! Jeez ppl still go 
there? Get a life man !!!

On another note. I hope u take all this as a joke. Just general tp thats all. 
Nothing more intended.

- Kunal
...because the best things in life are free