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Re: Colocation

On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Kunal Walia wrote:

> But no seriously why is it that not all the links on the dotXtra website r
> not functional? After all u guys r supposed to be the E-commerce solns.
> poviders right?

The website is unmaintained, and is likely to stay so.  dotXtra Singapore
is in the Network Consultancy business, we realised that our colients
never look at our site, they want to look at our other clients' sites,
instead ;-(

And being lazy, I saw no reason to put time into something unless
_absolutely_ needed.

dotXtra India is into e-commerce solutions (B2B), and they also see no
advantage from the publicity.

Sad to say, a good looking website is no longer an automatic advantage.

Of course, you never heard this, as officially, our website will be up
Real Soon Now.

> And remember, he who dies with the Most Bandwidth, dies happiest......

Ah yes.  How does 1.5Mbit at work and 1.5Mbit at hoem strike you?  YES!!!
Debian installs over the Net.  CDroms are for rescue only.  next time I am
at Delhi Haat, hear me gloat.

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