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Re: POP3 mail clients

Sandip Bhattacharya wrote:
> Hi!
> I had gone into a POP3 mail client search expedition some months
> earlier and by now have taken a look at quite a few of them -
> graphical or console-best. My experience has been thus -
> 1. Graphical clients - no matter how beautiful and "user-friendly"
> they might be , tend to get into your way if you use email a lot. I
> would really like to go all out and tell this - any mail client which
> requires you to reachout and use your mouse to click buttons or menus
> - would slow you down and get
> in the way. Again, let me emphasise , this is for people who use mail
> a lot. I have tried Netscape(memory hog), Kmail(too primitive),
> sylpheed(too much emphasis on MH folders), Balsa(the last version I
> tried was too primitive), Arrow(a bit weird), etc.
> 2. Console clients - even though these are faster to use, need a bit
> of your time initially for letting you remember the key strokes.
> At first I settled on Pine and used it for a couple of months. It is
> quite nice to use... even though it has a couple of quirks (lack of
> built in PGP support and THAT frustating FROM: header setting etc.).

i am planning to use fetchmail and pine (though mutt seems very good)
...i have a few problems:
1. do i have to create a new user to match my email id? as in my login
is sidd but my email id is kaza so will i have to make another user
called kaza for pine to show the correct FROM header?

2. while i am connected the smtp server sends the mesg. however when i
am not can't i mark the mesgs to be sent later? i am resorting to
postponing all of them and connecting and going to each mesg. and
sending it. is there a better way?

Siddharth Kaza