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Re: POP3 mail clients

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From: "Siddharth Kaza" <kaza@xxxxxxxx>
To: <linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2001 11:38 AM
Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] POP3 mail clients

> i am planning to use fetchmail and pine (though mutt seems very good)
> ...i have a few problems:
> 1. do i have to create a new user to match my email id? as in my login
> is sidd but my email id is kaza so will i have to make another user
> called kaza for pine to show the correct FROM header?

No you don't HAVE TO. while I WAS using system accounts with the same id as
my email because of this problem, apparently Pine does let you set any user
as FROM: by using some of it's undocumented or hidden options in .pinerc.
You will have to dig out that info from the Pine sites. I did use it once
and it had worked.

> 2. while i am connected the smtp server sends the mesg. however when i
> am not can't i mark the mesgs to be sent later? i am resorting to
> postponing all of them and connecting and going to each mesg. and
> sending it. is there a better way?

I assume you are using a local mail server on your own machine which sends
all your outbound mails to you ISP's machine or wherever it has to go.

All mail servers keep mail in an internal queue . You can flush this queue
and send all mails together whenver you want it.

If you are using qmail(like I do) you can use qmail+serialmail for sending
all queued messages together when you want to.

If you are using sendmail you can run sendmail -q after you are connected to
the net. But Do run sendmail -q as root, unless you are the only user on the
machine. this should send ALL the messages on your queue.