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Re: Static IP

>Can anyone tell me the way to get a static IP. I was told VSNL is the only
ISP that gives out IP's.

VSNL is just not the only ISP that provides you IPs. Apparantly any licensed
ISP can do that ;)

>And the VSNL rep told me that you should have a leased line before you get
a static IP.
>Any suggestions?

Yes, generally, for needs based on static IPs - VSNL provides, 16 - 32 IPs
for 64 Kbps leased line services. However, VSNL _does_ provide just 1 static
IP for ISDN (dedicated) services:

Rates: Rs. 1,60,000 (per annum) Static IP charges: Rs: 20,000 (per annum)

VSNL, recently has quite a few plans on desk but some of their customer
service folks are not conversant with them. Its always better to go and have
a talk directly with the Customer Relations Manager regarding your needs.

- jay