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Re: Re: Static IP

the stuff sounds interesting but I am not sure it is something that I can manage.

firstly, I am using an ISDN router (DI-206) to dial out, so none of my machines have the ISP assigned IP address. They all have router assigned addresses and my router has the ISP assigned IP address and an internal IP address. i'll have to play around with router configuration.

The SMS idea is great, but I think it doesn't work with international users. Actually, there is a guy based in  Australia who just has to update code changes in a CVS server that I would setup on one of the computers here.

i am not sure how I would do that.


Original Message:
From: Lokesh Setia lsetia78@xxxxxxxxx
Date: 22 Jan 2001 10:15:25 +0530
Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] Static IP

>>>>> "vivek" == vivek chawla@idilia com <vivek.chawla@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    vivek> I want a static IP for my work as some people need to log
    vivek> on to my machine from outside for work. I have an ISDN
    vivek> dial-up connection.  Can anyone tell me the way to get a
    vivek> static IP. I was told VSNL is the only ISP that gives out
    vivek> IP's.

    vivek> Any suggestions?


I don't know where to get an inexpensive static IP, but if your ISDN
dialup connection is usually stable and up for reasonable amounts of
time, you can try this method:

On a Redhat based system, the script
/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup-ppp is executed everytime you
connect via PPP.  Inside this script your currently allocated IP
address is available via the environment variable $IPADDR.  Just add
some stuff to this script which will create a short text file and
upload it to some URL in your company.  People who know the URL can
read the IP address and then telnet to your machine.

It is helpful to also include the time of connection in the text file,
so that people can detect stale files.  For uploading, you can use
automated ftp or expect.  I tried this stuff a couple of years back
just for fun, and it worked out nicely.

As a final touch-up, if your users have GSM phones with SMS
capability, this IP address can be flashed on their mobile screens.
Noone will then have an excuse for not working :)
Just send the text file via email to 98xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for
ESSAR users, and something similar for Airtel.  This can also be done
via the same script (just pipe it to /bin/mail).

Hope this helps,

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