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Hi guys
I am new to this list.My name is Manu.I am doing BIT(CBS,Delhi Univ.).I am into GUI and OO Programming . I am working at a RedHat 6.2 box and would like to graduate to RedHat 7.0.However I must admit that with my meagre pocket money I cannot buy the same officially.So could any of you lend me the set?I will get it burned and return the CDs in day.I live in Rohini area but I can collect the set even from South Delhi (Desperation Thy name is Linux!!).
So would any of the kind souls come forward to help the damned in distress??
Moreover I would also like to know about the membership fee and where do I deposit it.There is also a mention of T-Shirts on front page.How do I get it?
Any help will be thankfully acknowledged.

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