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Re: Few questions - ISDN and networking

>>>>> "Vivek" == Vivek Chawla <vivek.chawla@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    Vivek> I have been trying to set up a small network in three
    Vivek> machines and trying to use an ISDN connection to get onto
    Vivek> internet.  I have few questions: I am using linux mandrake
    Vivek> 7.1

    Vivek> 1. Is there any reason Dlink-DI-206 ISDN router would not
    Vivek> work with a linux network?

Can't think of any.

    Vivek> 2. After installing the network card, I've started having
    Vivek> problems with my keyboard. It does not work now when the
    Vivek> Xserver starts automatically. But if I choose the
    Vivek> interactive startup and logon into text mode and then do
    Vivek> 'startx', then the keyboard works. Does the Xwindows use a
    Vivek> different configurationon file than /etc/X11/XF86config at
    Vivek> startup.

X can be compiled to use the XF86Config file from different locations,
and, infact this file location can differ when you do startx or when X
is started via xdm.

You can find the full path of XF86Config used in the file

You might also want to find all XF86Config files on your system by the 
command: locate XF86Config

    Vivek> 3. Any commands other than 'netconfig' that I can use to
    Vivek> configure network.  any tips on configuring network would
    Vivek> be big help.

ifconfig, route, ping, traceroute, tcpdump, sniffit :)

bye and have fun,