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Reach Out...

Hello to everyone.

I wanted to know, if anyone out there has good bandwidth to the net. I =
want to d/l some good pieces of s/e from the net, but with my 33.6 Kbps =
(actually 3.2 Kbps) I cannot d/l them. Initially I used to think that =
guys at PC Quest will cater to the s/w needs of every developer, but =
I've been proven wrong. They don't have good s/w on the CDs, even the =
important libraries to KDE and various other features are missing from =
the standard installation.

For eg: To install WINE which was in one of their CDs a user needs a few =
KDE related libs. Which I've been trying to d/l from the last 5-6 days, =
and all my efforts went down the drain.

Borland gives out a trial ware copy of Java Builder, who would say no to =
that. But it's not there on the CDs and the d/l size is about 50 MB.

Guess what once d/l the same file can be distributed to all the guys =
within Delhi itself. I hope we won't mind sharing.

Anyone listening to this call with the desired resources pls. reply =

Bhummanjot S.

Have a nice day :-)