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Problems with StarOffice 5.2

I have installed StarOffie 5.2 on Linux.
I have some problems using Adabas.
Apparently some files were missing. So I downloaded it again and installed it today. But, I cannot start a database of Adabas type(dbase type is possible).
I am getting an error message:
? Error reading from database.
[SOFTWARE A G] [ODBCLIB A] [ADABAS] client unable to establish connection; 813 SERVERDB MUST BE RESTARTED.?
How can I overcome this problem? In one book which I am refering to they are choosing StarBase as DataBase type. But i am not getting this DataBase type, in the list. Does it depend on the version?  
Sorry for the trouble.
Pl. advice. 
Note : I had initially posted some queries but nobody responded.
Please Help me out.
Thanx a lot in advance!!

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