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Re: [LIH] Trouble with rc.sysinit


I don't know how to force vim to show dos eol characters instead of
going in dos mode.  However this should work:

# cd /etc/rc.d/
# mv rc.sysinit rc.sysinit.bak
# sed -e 's/^M//' rc.sysinit.bak > rc.sysinit
# vi rc.sysinit         # to verify that dos mode is gone

To type the '^M' in the shell above you press two keys Ctrl-V then


>>>>> "Vikrant" == Vikrant Dhawale <vkdhawale@xxxxxxxx> writes:

    Vikrant> Hi Raju, But it did not work. I checked and saved the
    Vikrant> file rc.sysinit.  But vi still shows it as dos
    Vikrant> format. /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit still not able to
    Vikrant> execute. When executed from command prompt messages
    Vikrant> displayed are :

    Vikrant> : command not found 'h : syntax error near unexpected
    Vikrant> token` 'h: etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit

    Vikrant> I am enclosing my rc.sysinit with this mail, please find
    Vikrant> error if any in it.  I repeat I am using Redhat Linux
    Vikrant> 6.0(Hedwig).

    Vikrant>              Thanks

    Vikrant>                                   Vikrant Dhawale

    >> After booting into single-user mode, give the command:
    >> mount -oremount,rw -n / [edit files here] mount -oremount,rw -n
    >> /