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Re: How to do this...

Hi BJ,

Please keep the questions to the list.

the configuree script is part of the GNU autoconf package which
automatically figures out your system's capabilities and features and
customises the make process so that the software compiles on your


-- Raju

>>>>> "BJ" == Bhummanjot S Talwar <linuxmails@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    BJ> Thank you for the information. Now a very basic question, but
    BJ> I guess I'm not aware of the answer yet.

    BJ> When we write ./configure what actually happens ? Where is
    BJ> that script and what's it's purpose ? How is it able to help
    BJ> me in installing the current software as it is not even a part
    BJ> of the distribution ?

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    BJ> Sent: Friday, November 24, 2000 10:06 AM Subject:
    BJ> [linux-delhi] How to do this...

    BJ> Hi Bhummanjot,

    BJ> In general, the way to install a source tar distribution runs
    BJ> something like this:

    BJ>           cd /tmp tar zxof package-ver.release.tar.gz cd
    BJ> package-ver.release (or whatever directory it's created)
    BJ> CFLAGS="-O6 -pipe" ./configure make make test make install

    BJ> This won't work for all packages, but with a little bit of
    BJ> tweaking you'll find that 99% of source distributions get
    BJ> installed using this method.  Just think about what you're
    BJ> doing and you should be fine.

    BJ> Regards,

    BJ> -- Raju

>>>>> "BJ" == Bhummanjot S Talwar <linuxmails@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

    BJ> Well this is a simple question for you guys, but I've never
    BJ> done or heard about this, so it's new and awesome to me.

    BJ> I've d/l a no. of tar ball distros. of various s/w but I'm
    BJ> facing difficulty in installing them. The Kpackage does not
    BJ> install them then how to go about with installing them. Do I
    BJ> need to do some compiling or what ? I treid to read thru the
    BJ> READMEs distributed with them, but they talk Latin for me. The
    BJ> distros. that I've are different, I guess. A few say, "arch" ,
    BJ> "nonarch" , "src" , "binary".

    BJ> With the RPM files I did not find any difficulty, as I
    BJ> installed them directly using kpackage. By the way do the RPMs
    BJ> also need to be compiled before installation.

    BJ> One of the RPMs that I had installed included FreeAmp. It was
    BJ> an RPM distro.  from the PCQuest CD. The problem is that it
    BJ> says it shud be compiled before installation becoz the Plugins
    BJ> that were a part of the distro need to built.  Aren't RPM's
    BJ> precompiled ??

    BJ> Thanks in advance.

    BJ> regards, Bhummanjot S.

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    BJ> <linux-delhi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Sent: Thursday, November
    BJ> 23, 2000 10:19 PM Subject: Re: [linux-delhi] Mandrake 7.2

    BJ> Dear, I can do a couple of burning. But how do I get the CD
    BJ> which is to be burnt. Where do u put up ???  Try giving me a
    BJ> call at 5558555, or mail me ur contact.

    BJ> Thanks

    BJ> ----- Original Message ----- From: "G. Palaniappan"
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    BJ> Sent: Thursday, November 23, 2000 9:46 AM Subject: Re:
    BJ> [linux-delhi] Mandrake 7.2

    BJ> Hi all, I have downloaded both the ISO images of Mandrake 7.2
    BJ> and burnt the CDs.  If some one can take the responsibility of
    BJ> burning and distributing the CDs to needy ones, I can send one
    BJ> set of CDs to him.

    BJ> G. Palaniappan

    BJ> SubramaniA@xxxxxxxx wrote:

    >>> Hi List, Mandrake soft have released Mandrake Linux 7.2. The
    >>> downloadable version fits in 2 cd's.  for full details go to
    >>> www.linux-mandrake.com.
    >>> Does the Tucows mirror at palcom have the downloadable ISO's?
    >>> Mani
    >>> Visit http://www.NetVarsity.com for online learning

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