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How to do this...

Well this is a simple question for you guys, but I've never done or heard
about this, so it's new and awesome to me.

I've d/l a no. of tar ball distros. of various s/w but I'm facing difficulty
in installing them. The Kpackage does not install them then how to go about
with installing them. Do I need to do some compiling or what ? I treid to
read thru the READMEs distributed with them, but they talk Latin for me. The
distros. that I've are different, I guess. A few say, "arch" , "nonarch" ,
"src" , "binary".

With the RPM files I did not find any difficulty, as I installed them
directly using kpackage. By the way do the RPMs also need to be compiled
before installation.

One of the RPMs that I had installed included FreeAmp. It was an RPM distro.
from the PCQuest CD. The problem is that it says it shud be compiled before
installation becoz the Plugins that were a part of the distro need to built.
Aren't RPM's precompiled ??

Thanks in advance.

Bhummanjot S.

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Dear, I can do a couple of burning. But how do I get the CD which is to be
burnt. Where do u put up ???
Try giving me a call at 5558555, or mail me ur contact.


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Hi all,
    I have downloaded both the ISO images of Mandrake 7.2 and burnt the
CDs.  If some one can take the responsibility of burning and distributing
the CDs to needy ones, I can send one set of CDs to him.

G. Palaniappan

SubramaniA@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi List,
>         Mandrake soft have released Mandrake Linux 7.2. The downloadable
> version fits in 2 cd's.
> for full details go to www.linux-mandrake.com.
> Does the Tucows mirror at palcom have the downloadable ISO's?
> Mani
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