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how to install Redhat6.2 on a ultra66 hard disk.

Hello everybody,

My computer has a Promise ultra66 controller. My hard disk supports
ultra66. Do you know how to install redhat 6.2 on that disk which is
plugged to ultra66 controller?

On Promise web page (www.promise.com) there's a guide to install redhat
6.0 to a ultra66 hard disk. It seems to me that it doesn't work with
redhat 6.2. They say that kernel of redhat 6.1 and later versions
support ultra66. If we want to use that feature, we have to recompile
the kernel. I can recompile the kernel, but I'm not sure if I know where
the option that enables ultra66 is and I'm not sure if we can boot linux
directly from a ultra66 hard disk after we recompile the kernel or we
cannot do that but redhat will regconize any ultra66 hard disk with the
condition that we have to boot linux from IDE.

Do you have any experience about that? If you've done it before, tell me
what you do please.

Thank you very much.