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Re: Preloading capability in linux ??///

>         If i want to copy the linux from one machine to another
> machine(like from server to client),how can i do it?Like in windows,we
> can copy the image of srever to client through Power quest.Is any
> options available to do in linux?
> Rgds,
> suba

makes sense. and not also.
well.. why not???>>>... u can read my autobiography.
theoretically... there is no problem but practically... if the partition
tables are not identical... lilo wont load. so if u have linux installed
on a 2.5 gb hdd and are transfering it to another 2.5gb hdd.. ull have no
problems. but when partitions come in... ull hve some problems getting the
same partition tables.

better than that. why dont u reinstall linux and to get all the same
apps/settings.. just copy the dirs that count. ie /usr/local/bin /home 
etc etc... ull have no problems


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