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Re: Preloading capability in linux ??///

On Thu, Nov 23, 2000 at 04:39:25PM +0530, subashini.p wrote:
> Hi,
>         If i want to copy the linux from one machine to another
> machine(like from server to client),how can i do it?Like in windows,we
> can copy the image of srever to client through Power quest.Is any
> options available to do in linux?

You realise that you can install Linux as many times as you need to
without purchasing additional copies?

Also the "distinction" between client and server is completely
arbitary -- in Microsoft products it is merely a price point 
you pay. With Linux it is simply the software you install.

I'm not familiar with Powerquest, so I'm not sure what it does.

Do you want to create a bit-for-bit disk copy/image? I'd recommend
dd(1) then. 


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