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Re: Preloading capability in linux ??///

neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >         If i want to copy the linux from one machine to another
> > machine(like from server to client),how can i do it?Like in windows,we
> > can copy the image of srever to client through Power quest.Is any
> > options available to do in linux?
> > Rgds,
> > suba
if you want to completly duplicate a GNU/linux box 
you can dd the disk
but if ya using debian there is a very easy way of doin the same
in 6 easy steps 

1. install a debian box.
2. dpkg --get-selections > foo
3. install a minimal debian box no. 2 
4. copy foo in the target debian box
5. dpkg --set-selections < foo
6. then do a dselect Update and Install 

wallha you have the same box 
just need to copy the .conf's

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