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Re: StarOffice 5.2

	simply just chuck SO for now. use emacs or mebbe xemacs.
and if u want something more... try KOffice. its great and has all the
speed that QT can put into it.(www.koffice.org) it is being built to be a
complete replacement for MSOffice. 
other things u can use are corelwp and abiword.
if ur really not particular about looks... just vi it.

> >>>>> "Sunil" == Sunil Dhaka <lindel@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>     Sunil> I have tried out StarOffice and encouraged people to
>     Sunil> migrate from MS Office.  However, what lets me down is the
>     Sunil> extremely slow pace at which StarOffice loads even on a
>     Sunil> fast machine (P3 / 128/64 ram and more than 128 swap).
>     Sunil> Shutting down SO is so slow that it goes on forever. At
>     Sunil> times one has to kill X. Do you think that breaking up SO
>     Sunil> into individual modules would help out and in anycase who
>     Sunil> needs their browser while we have Netscape.  I would like
>     Sunil> to have the list's views before writing to Sun.  Regards,
>     Sunil> Sunil Dhaka
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Ignorance is bliss.. you know that, dont you???