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Re: StarOffice 5.2

I use only StarOffice. I do find it slow - only some times, but i am using
a Cyrix233 Mhz machine wth 128 MB Ram. It does not irritate me atall
except once in a while when it does something slower. Overall I am happy
being away from MSO and I don't find its performance bad/ineffective.
Yes, making it faster will help, but I cannot comment technically on it or
its reasons of being 'slow'.

On Sun, 19 Nov 2000, Sunil Dhaka wrote:

> I have tried out StarOffice and encouraged people to migrate from MS Office.
> However, what lets me down is the extremely slow pace at which StarOffice
> loads even on a fast machine (P3 / 128/64 ram and more than 128 swap).
> Shutting down SO is so slow that it goes on forever. At times one has to
> kill X. Do you think that breaking up SO into individual modules would help
> out and in anycase who needs their browser while we have Netscape.
> I would like to have the list's views before writing to Sun.
> Regards,
> Sunil Dhaka
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