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Re: Meeting

Mr. Sethi
I am a regular reader of the e-mails posted at LUG Delhi.
Off course I haven't attend any meeting due to some unavoidable reasons
Many times I think that this group is only for high profile as i am newbie
to Linux so i watch all the e-mails
I am with you for any creative Plan. And I do my best for LUG - Delhi


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Subject: [linux-delhi] Meeting

> Hi
> I thought if I write in advance about the meeting we would have a concrete
agenda for the meeting. But all I got was a luke warm response.
> There are various people who decide the things in Linux-delhi. I being
just a member declared everything about meeting and nobody of them
responded. It seems nobody except newbies and students are intersted in the
> I used to think linux-delhi is about building strong community with a
strong sense of sharing ( of knowldege as well as experience)
> ( I would love if somebody flames me for this, atleast it would strengthen
my belief that somebody here responds)
> Supreet
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