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Re: Cannot use dual boot in 20 GB HDD

Can we have an ideal Partitioning scheme if we were to use a large HDD, say
20-30GB or two 20GBs, and have Linux, BeOS, Win2k for Multiple Boot options:

First Partition: Windows 2000 (10 GB)
Second Partition: Linux (10GB)
Third Partition: BeOS (10 GB)

We may use a boot manager xOSL for eg. But the requirements like :

> You need to create a small (40MB or so) partiton at the beginning of the
> disk. This should be mounted as /boot while installing Linux.

How do I place Win2k (10GB) in the first partition, when Windows always
needs to be installed on first partition.

I actually sometimes feel the need to have a pure DOS partition, may be
200MB, but it insists that it be the first partition. Is there some
technique for v large disks, that I place Linux in the first partition and
DOS in the last partition?

Anand Shankar

> Goldwyn Rodrigues <goldwyn_r@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I recently got a 20 GB HDD. But the problem is I cannot Load Linux and
> > Windoze both together.
> > I want to keep reserve 10 GB for Linux and 10 for Win.
> Cheerio!
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