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mail problems!!! eth problems!!!

well... #@$# 
	i finally got this stupid dinosaur to work with
nfs,samba,dante(partially :-) | raju where are u???), kernel 2.4 test5,
etc etc...and im irritated...
after 2 days i finally got to get online... and when i dnd'd my mail...
Bynari(my MUA) crashed on me and i lost all of my mail...(lots and lots)
now im hunting for a nice MUA.. please dont suggeest pine as im sick of
it(bn using it for 2 yrs). i need one with multi pop server managibility
and all those nice things...

secondly... i was transferring some data over my new mini lan and found
that my MTU was 1500 and data transfer rates were not even an 1mb/sec.
even tho my cards&hub are 10/100. isnt there any way i can speed this