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Re: m18 released and This Meet

> time to wake up... m18 is here... its a lean mean browsing machine...
> seriously.. it is all and more than the mozilla team had promised...
from the milestone 27721074301218 department

How many stupid puns will we need before release 1.0

hey! neil where were u the meet went great 
ok, cuz holani missed it. I take the liberty to write
what ever i can recall.and i need not explain my 
writin skills. we all know how horrible I am.
i missed the firt hour but babu's netfilter demo 
was great ;) i say tha not cuz i understood anything
but everyone seem to be noddin there head and there 
was a huge clap and cheer when he was forced to stop.
we all know that is the natural way babu's presentation

If you have a network? and  most people do and u
are responsible for it the intelligent thing will 
be to download 2.4 and mail babu

next up supreet's greenstone(www.nzdl.org) was real 
cool stuff visit the link or spam him for more.

there were some new faces too
(kishore has the list)

and there was my little worldpilot
(www.worldpilot.org)demo  too.

all u guys hu missed it missed a lot.

later I found out supreet gave the second
installment of the tex demo.
   The only "intuitive" interface is a nipple.
   After that, it's all learned.
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