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Mail Probs

Hi guys,
Help me out on this one-
I can't access the Internet from Linux in my computer, but I have come to face the fact that mine is an internal modem and will never work with the OS. That's ok, but I want to do internal mailing (ie localhost to localhost) with the Netscape messenger (or StarMail) - so in the server configuration what should be the following parameters -

Outgoing Mail server name: ?
Incoming Mail sever name: ?
Server type: POP3 / IMAP / VIM. ?
User name: sau (that's what I call my account)
Password: ********** (thought I'd tell that ;-)

what will my mail server be called? When I issue the command ps ax | less one of the processes is sendmail (accepting connections on port 25).
I call my compuer localhost.localdomain as well as snanda.localdomain
The internal mailing is perfect when I use other mail agents such as mail, elm, mutt, etc.
hope someone understands what I'm trying to ask.
Thanx in advance,
Saurabh Nanda.

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