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Re: /me Seti & why???

> hey u guys Kishore neil raj vipul
> and all seti hot shots none of u answered this?
well thats bcos im not a seti hotshot anymore...
but here goes anyway...
> >
> > note: Please don't flame me for this
> >          i'm only curious
curiosity killed the cat and in this case i mean it literally...

> > hey i've been wondring for a while now
dont hurt urself...

>> BUT how can i be sure that
> > i'm computing radio signals and am not
> > helping US military do some stupid probe on
> > me
> > or further still helping a computer doing computation
> > that may have " i don't know what" outcomes.
well thats a point u got there... seti doesnot say anything about that and
nor are they to be held responsible in case that happens...(they do say
that) and for all u may know... setiathome3.0 may have added support to do
just the same... thats why its purely voluntary. also... reverse engineering
the program wont do any good cos even if it was not processing radio data...
and processing some govt information/plotting to take over the world... the
essential memory maps wud remain the same.. float point calculations/curve
fitting calculations...  etcetc so u wudnt be able to make out exactly what
type of info it was calculating/processing....

> >
> > hey me wants to know who certifies what
> > all theses ppl giving us to compute.

However, incase this was true, it wud be the biggest scam in history...