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Re: /me Seti & why???

hey u guys Kishore neil raj vipul
and all seti hot shots none of u answered this?

Pankaj Kaushal wrote:
> hi,
> note: Please don't flame me for this
>          i'm only curious
> hey i've been wondring for a while now
> SETI ya as they say a big computer doing
> what they do best computing what???
> computing datagrams of radio signals.
> me very much will like to join and search
> intelligence but BUT how can i be sure that
> i'm computing radio signals and am not
> helping US military do some stupid probe on
> me
> or further still helping a computer doing computation
> that may have " i don't know what" outcomes.
> hey me wants to know who certifies what
> all theses ppl giving us to compute.
> --
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