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Started Using Linux As A Desktop

Dear All,

I am Ritwik Patra..from Deepalaya...previuosly posted a message that Deepalaya
started using Linux as it's Internet and Intranet sever. Right now all
Deepalaya Units from all over Delhi are connected through a Linux server. I
have also posted our experience on it.

Now I have personally started using Linux as a Desktop...and sending you all
this mail from my Linux machine. This may be a silly message for you but for
alomst an illiterate (in computers) like..me....using Linux as a Desktop is
something to report to.

Special thanks to Mr. Sudhir Gongotra who has always encouraged me to shift to
Linux...and Mr. Atanu Mandal form whom I have learned whatever I know.

Expect lots of silly mails from me...asking you small questions.


Ritwik Patra