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Re: Another request....

Well what about instead using the linux box to control the flush of your
bathroom on the first floor, or start your washing machine at a click on the
PC, or book a seat in a restau. along with the order being placed from the

I read this, Samsung is planning to launch a Refrigerator which performs
e-mail checking, browsing, Mobile Communication alongwith the regular
features of cooling the food.

i.e. Technology

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> Here comes another request and this one is also willing to shell some
the idea is not to shell out money...
look at me... im the last one to pay for anything and i still get all my
work done just fine...
just dont be unreasonable and ask for a mercedes s class with a linux box
installed in it to listen to mp3s while remotely logigng into your personal
supercomputer to try and take over the world....
advice for mandrake??? dont use it...

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