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Another request....

Here comes another request and this one is also willing to shell some money.

I have a Toshisba Tecra 8100 Laptop with Windows 2000 installed and wanted
to install Linux Mandrake by partitioning it.
But the CD that I got with the box (Note I also paid Rs2000 to GT
Enterpirses for it) says that it does not work with this version of windows.

So, I think if I can partition mt hard disk some other way, I might be able
to use these CDs. Can anyone provide me any advice on this?

Does anyone know of any porfessinal help that I can get on this?

After the fiasco that  was created by a 'A request..' I think I might get a
better response.

Peace to all the parties involved!!

Vivek Chawla